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About Us

We celebrate the gastronomy and wine of Lemnos and aim at making the island a culinary destination! 
Lemnos Philema

Lemnos Philema aims at presenting the gastronomy of Lemnos island as a whole, creating a gastronomic community among producers and restaurants.

We showcase the gastronomy of Lemnos with an aim to place Lemnos globally as a gastronomic destination.

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The Gastronomy

Lemnos is a place rich of authentic products produced at the island such as traditional pasta, cheese, sweets, salted seafood, wine, preserved meats, legumes, flour, herbs, olive oil, honey and more. Meet Lemnian producers and restaurants focused in local gastronomy through Lemnos Philema and our website. 

The Festival

The main event, the gastronomy and wine festival, takes place every July since 2017, highlighting the local gastronomy in an interactive and authentic way, through hospitality, quality and celebration. 

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